Episode 1: April 5, 2013

The TGIF season is off with a bang! On this week’s show, KSM featured a number of strong businesswomen who offered inspiration and encouragement for Ghanaians pursuing their passions. He began the show by bantering with TGIF‘s producer, Ama Misa, and “Who Wants to Be Rich?” game show host Kafui Dey. The battle gloves came off as hot topics such as affirmative action and gender inequality in Ghana were raised. Our commentators spoke about discrimination on the basis of gender. Do you think that you have ever been treated in a certain way because you are a man or a woman? Are there specific roles that each gender is “supposed” to play in our society?

On a lighter note, KSM continued the show by interviewing Kokui Selormey, an opera singer and one of the hosts of Viasat 1’s “This Morning” show (a popular talk broadcast on Ghanaian TV). Selormey recently gave birth to a strong baby boy, and she managed to work at Viasat 1 until the day just before her son was born! What a woman! Selormey expressed her gratitude to KSM for hosting her when she first arrived in Ghana after being educated in the United States. These days, she is happy to be back in the motherland and ready to settle down.


Friday’s show included the introduction of a new segment entitled “Your Moment with Moomen.” The segment is hosted by the poet Abdul “Chieff” Moomen, and it features hilarious readings of letters that Moomen “intercepts.” This week, Chieff read a letter from an ordinary citizen to the Electricity Company of Ghana; the citizen complained of how the electricity failed to go off when she expected it to on Easter Sunday. After his reading, Moomen launched into a slightly altered version of the national anthem which lamented the recent electricity and water shortages throughout the capital region. Here is the new host in all his glory!


After Chieff Moomen made his debut, KSM interviewed Ofie Kodjoe, an American Ghanaian singer who is now working as a motivational speaker. When asked about the nature of her relationship with her partner, she said that she believes that a man can be the head of the household but that the relationship between him and his wife must be a “partnership” that involves teamwork. Do you agree?


This week’s episode also featured Nana Darkoa Sekyimah, whose blog Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women recently won “Best Overall Blog” and “Best Activist Blog” at the first ever Ghanaian social media awards. KSM and Sekyimah talked about the benefits of being honest and open about sexuality from a young age. They acknowledged that talking about sex is quite taboo in Ghana and that that needs to be changed! What do you think? Do you think Ghanaians are appropriately conservative when it comes to talking about sex, or do you think that we need to abolish the taboo? Post your thoughts here or on our Facebook page, and check out Sekyimah’s blog ASAP! http://adventuresfrom.com/


Thank you for reading the TGIF Show blog! We’ll see you soon with a review of another exciting episode!


3 thoughts on “Episode 1: April 5, 2013

  1. I think Ghanaians are guarded about the topic of sex mainly because of tradition. Most Ghanaians feel that this is what sets them apart from the Western world. Most of the things we sweep under the carpet are the things silently causing an abyss in our social set up and morals. It is time we start talking about sex.

  2. In my opinion, we must weigh the implications of our actions or lack thereof wisely. In the West where sex talk is widely condoned among various age groups, there exist systems put in place by their government to protect people who may fall prey due to their indulgence in this discourse; systems which do not exist in our setting. As we undergo cultural transformation, we must assess what helps us as Africans and what does not.

    On the subject of gender equality, I personally encourage women and girls to have their own opinion and to enforce them. However, as much as I would want my wife to be strong-willed and fearless among men, I would also like her to give me the opportunity to treat her like a woman, open her doors, cook for her etc :). Women should not go overboard and want equality just for the sake of it. They must have the goal of making a positive impact (ones better than what men have) with the power they seek.

  3. More sex activist are needed to help defuse the notion that talking about sex encourages more people to indulge in the act. We owe it to ourselves to educate people on the importance of talking about it. Maybe a motivational sex message on your twitter or facebook page. This would help spread the message faster to a world in need of this education. Kudos to Sekyimah and more grease to her elbows.

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