Episode 2: April 12, 2013

Tonight’s episode was on FIRE! KSM’s first guest, Nathaniel Padi, was a 14-year old computer whiz who has been developing software for two years! He recently designed an app called Spacecraft which allows users to schedule their time wisely. In the future, Nathaniel would like to design an app which will allow Ghanaians to locate the nearest vendor of Burkina, a popular drink made of cow’s milk and millet! If you could design an app, what would it be? Post your answers here or on our Facebook page!

Veronica Commey, a sports journalist for the Ghana News Agency, also made an appearance on the show tonight. She shared her passion for sports with the TGIF team. Veronica has a fascinating and inspiring life story! After attending primary and secondary schools which did not adequately prepare her for higher learning, she successfully broke into a profession that is usually dominated by men. Veronica admitted to having to sacrifice a lot to achieve her dreams, but she and KSM agreed that Ghana needs more female representation on the field and on the web when it comes to sports journalism. What do you think? Does the sports industry need an equal balance of voices from men and women?


Here is Veronica Commey with Sapphire’s own Chief Moomen. Tonight, on his new segment, “Your Moment with Moomen,” the Chief presented a hilarious letter from a fan. The letter talked about the strikes which have been stirring things up in Ghana for the last few weeks. It seems, said the anxious letter-writer, that the only people who have not been on strike have been the politicians. Chief Moomen thought that proposed an interesting question: what would happen if Ghanaian politicians went on strike? Tell us your thoughts!


KSM’s last featured guests of the night, who are pictured above, were Fredrick and James Ansah, two gentlemen from Koforidua who have managed to build a working car completely out of scrap metal! Even the engine of the vehicle is constructed from random materials! What makes the story even more amazing, though, is that neither Fredrick nor James has a driver’s license. Whenever they are pulled over by the police in their homemade car (which is unregistered), officers usually laugh and let them pass on their way!

Both the Ansah brothers and Veronica Commey originally contacted TGIF through Twitter. The power of social media websites like Twitter and Facebook is enormous, so send a message to one of our online pages and you could be the next guest on Thank God It’s Friday!
Here is a link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TGIFSHOWNOW
And here is a link to KSM’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/KSM_Kwaku_Misa

Tonight’s episode ended with a hot debate that you don’t want to miss. Tune in on Sunday afternoon at 1pm or check out the conversations on Facebook and this page to join the discussion: should college graduates who are conducting their National Service be made to direct traffic? What do you think?


Here are Selorm Kwaku Boadi (a National Service Person) and Kafui Dey (the host of “Who Wants to be Rich?”) in a heated discussion about the question of traffic directing for National Service.


3 thoughts on “Episode 2: April 12, 2013

  1. In the sports industry and any other industry for that matter, the question is not ‘equality’ of voices. What we as stakeholders should rather look out for is the ‘quality’ of voices. Should one male journalist’s report be shunned for a female’s on the basis of gender or vice versa? I don’t think so. However, systems should be put in place so that both voices be heard equally without gender bias. Not equality in number but equality in consideration.

  2. If I could create an app, it would be a mobile app to address the response time to emergencies. This I believe is a vital instrument missing in our health infrastructure. More often than not we here our doctors saying” should have arrived early we could have done something to revert the situation”. I would have to think through the idea and seal every loopholes that might arise. I would also love an election app to count the election figures to avoid double counting and stealing of votes.

  3. Traffic conducting for national service is entirely ridiculous. Doesn’t one have to gain some training to do that? Or do we just assume that anyone can direct traffic just because the of the occasional attempt by poverty stricken people for change has been somewhat successful? What people in power have forgotten is that quality of labour is essential regardless of whatever job one is assigned to. Asking a university student who read law to conduct traffic is not only wrong but also out of place, are there no entry requirements? Again, what are we saying about our policemen? that anyone at all can do the job and that their years in the police academy was pretty much wasted? Come again Ghana!

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