This Friday!

This Friday, TGIF will be broadcast to you directly from Flagstaff House! That’s right! One of our featured guests will be His Excellency President John Mahama! Tomorrow, President Mahama will celebrate his 100th day in office. What a crazy 100 days it has been! Strikes, water and power shortages, controversies surrounding ministerial officials…Hear all about it when KSM does an in-depth interview with the President on Friday! TGIF won’t skimp on any of the tough questions; you will hear everything you need to know about what is going on in the government right now.

You know where to find the show! 9:30 pm on Metro TV and 1:00 pm on Sunday.


TGIF will come to you from the presidential office at Flagstaff House this Friday! You can’t afford to miss the interview!


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