Episode 3: April 19, 2013 Part 1

The most exciting part of TGIF this week was KSM’s interview with President John Mahama, which was filmed in the presidential office of Flagstaff House! KSM and His Excellency discussed a wide variety of topics which ranged from the “dumso” power and water outages which have been wreaking havoc in the capital to the appointment of ministerial officials to the re-evaluation of Single Spine. The president told TGIF about his plan to reform the energy sector in Ghana through foreign direct investment; do you think that particular approach will work? Is there hope for receiving regular electricity and water services again? 


One of the questions that is on everyone’s mind these days is: will the election results be overturned? The NPP sure thinks so, but President Mahama disagreed on Friday. He said that he has complete confidence that justice is on his side. Do you think the evidence that the NPP brings to the courtroom will convince the judges? Will the President be allowed to keep his office? 



At the end of his interview, President Mahama reflected that the presidency is a journey; though a lot has happened in the first 100 days, there is a lot more to be done. In your opinion, how did His Excellency do during these first three months? Did he prove what he should have proven? Did he make enough progress to be considered a good investment for this country? We want to hear your thoughts! Post here or on our Facebook page to join the conversation. 



2 thoughts on “Episode 3: April 19, 2013 Part 1

  1. What are the causes of the problems? What is keeping him from executing his proposed solutions? How will these changes (like privatization) affect our pockets? These are the things Ghanaians want to know.

    That aside, I dream of a day when Ghanaian politicians reach the political maturity level where the responsibility they have to Ghanaians overshadows their thirst for power and instills a sense of duty that will see them work together for a common good. Rather than sit in parliament and argue like they were electing the primary five class prefect…

    • Its simple, misplaced priorities. When changing cars and residence are the first on a government official’s to do list, we know we are all screwed. I really am not happy with the way things have gone so far, enough with the excuses and statistics. I always say Ghanaian politicians are fortunate enough that the Ghanaian people are really lazy about demonstrations and striking, because what we do is child’s play compared to other countries. Then again we want peace to prevail but it doesn’t mean we should be taken for granted.

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