Episode 3: April 19, 2013 Part 2

Last Friday’s episode included much more than an interview with the president! KSM also featured another powerful guest: the founder of Koko King, Albert Osei. Mr. Osei built his successful business from the bottom up! He has been expanding his Koko King enterprise since 2008, and-as we are sure you can see from the popularity of his product-his efforts have been working! One of the things Mr. Osei prides himself on is the hygienic packaging of his porridge products. With Koko King meals, you don’t have to worry about contaminants that might find their way into food that has been cooked and served on the street. Do you think that packaging meals such as koko for regular consumption is a good thing for the Ghanaian market, or do you think that the selling of street food should be left to the people who have been doing it for years?



Friday’s episode also contained an intense discussion about one of this week’s hottest topics: the electoral committee’s Supreme Court case! KSM bantered with Abdul “Chief” Moomen and Eugene Selorm Boadu about whether or not the case should be televised. Do you think Ghanaians should be able to witness the proceedings, or do you think it is best not to resurrect tensions within and between parties that caused discomfort during the election season? Post your thoughts here or on our Facebook page!



Don’t forget to tune in this Friday at 9:30 pm on Metro TV for more heated discussions and fascinating guests! Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Episode 3: April 19, 2013 Part 2

  1. So Ghana is generally a peaceful country, i really doubt that televising the court proceedings will cause any harm. We have sat idly by while our politicians have hoarded, embezzled and lied their way to riches, short-changing our very standard of living. These are things that should have sparked off some violence, not a court case. It should be televised, the revolution should be televised, after all its taking to darn long.

  2. I don’t see a problem with packaging meals so long as they are as affordable and accessible as otherwise. That said, a product that is more hygienic and portable should go for slightly more right? I dunno. I think it’ll come down to preference. Unless government regulations require all wayside vendors to follow Koko King’s model. Sounds difficult but the possibility should definitely be explored…

  3. I agree with Henry on the matter, it all depends on how you brand yourself out there and safety of course is the . Koko king has taken it a step further. I also think that the world is evolving and everything now is about strategy, It would be very difficult to regulate wayside vendors to follow suite but I think as time goes on this practice would be accepted by all including the way side vendors. its a matter of time and emergence of other “koko king” for lack of a better word.It is a matter of change in attitude and embracing change. Good packaging is definitely a good thing in the Ghanaian market.

  4. In a democratic nation like ours, there should freedom of information and this I think is the rational behind the decision to televised proceedings from the Supreme court. We have the right to this information, as to whether it would cause some confusions, I disagree. In defense I believe it would eliminate the misconceptions surrounding the proceedings and allow us to witness,critique the process and know the real truth behind the “election saga”. I am in favor of this decision and this a laudable.

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