Episode 4: April 26, 2013

This week’s episode was an inspiring combination of thoughtful discussion and heartfelt reflection that made everyone at Sapphire Ghana Limited crack a smile. KSM started the show with a discussion about the budding entertainment scene in Kumasi. He hosted Benson Ohene Boateng and Kwabena Kuffour, who painted an exciting picture of what the city holds. Are you a TGIF fan living in Kumasi? Tell us what we need to look out for! Who are the hot new entertainers coming out of your city? How do you see the scene changing?


Mr. Boateng represented Kumasi with slick style on set. He expressed his excitement about KSM’s upcoming show, “The Secrets of GH Girls,” which will be performed on May 1st!! If you will be in Kumasi for the holiday, you can’t afford to miss this new and improved version of the show which rocked the National Theatre on Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned to KSM’s Twitter page (@KSM_Kwaku_Misa) for more information!


KSM’s second guest of the night was Patrick William Doodo, a charming artist who is known for his speed (his fastest work was completed in 45 seconds!) and the fact that he paints many of his creations upside down at first! Patrick is responsible for most of TGIF’s sophisticated new set and a beautiful mural that is being painted in the Sapphire Ghana office. Make sure to check our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TGIFSHOWNOW) for gorgeous pictures of his work!



Another artist who we had the pleasure of hosting on Friday was Jeff Spain, a gospel singer who got his big break on BET’s “Sunday Best” and now owns his own show on the network. Jeff’s parents are Ghanaian, but he has lived in the United States for his whole life and considers both places home. After a brief but successful career as an R&B singer, Jeff found himself questioning his choice of genre. One of his friends, a pastor, asked him if he would feel comfortable singing his music at the gates of heaven in front of Jesus. When Jeff realized that the answer was no, he decided to sing only gospel music and has never looked back. What do you think of his choice? Do you think that R&B music can be confidently sung by people who claim to be Christians? Post your opinions here or on our Facebook page.


KSM wrapped up the show last week with an intimate conversation with Archbishop C.G. Palmer-Buckle, the head of the Ghanaian catholic church. Archbishop Palmer-Buckle shared the story of his journey to choosing priesthood as a career. He mentioned that many young people do not complete the process  he completed because the work of God requires a lot of sacrifice. KSM then asked: what happens when a priest can no longer sacrifice and gives into temptation? In his characteristically peaceful way, the Archbishop answered that everyone deserves a second chance. The disciples of Jesus were not perfect, and neither is any pastor or religious representative. Do you agree? Should priests who are caught in sexual affairs or pedophilia be given a chance to take up their robes again? Let us know what you think!



The archbishop also thrilled us with his rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song!” The performance was, to our knowledge, the first time any archbishop in the whole world has ever sung Bob Marley on broadcast television! Behind the camera, the whole crew joined Archbishop Palmer-Buckle as he lifted us up in the inspiring song. We felt truly blessed to have hosted such a powerful and encouraging guest.


2 thoughts on “Episode 4: April 26, 2013

  1. I dunno. I wouldn’t like to sit in the confession box with an “ex-pedophile”. Some sins really raise bigger questions that need answers rather than just forgiveness. You can’t have anal sex with a young boy and expect us to “forgive”. You need mental reformation first and an assurance that you understand what the God you serve requires of you. I say yes to a second chance but questions need answers

  2. When it comes to the genre of music people should sing or should not sing, I believe it is subjective. For Jeff Spain there was a clear conviction as to what he was he was supposed to do. I believe that finding out yourself would be the best way to be sure of the genre. Foe example you could pray( that sounds cliche) but it actually works, ask people like Jeff did or just search within to find the genre you are comfortable with.no matter the genre you sing. This is a very subjective topic and peoples choices should be respected. This is just what I think!

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