Episode 5: May 3, 2013

This week’s inspiring episode was all about self-empowerment and advocating for under-served populations! KSM started the show by talking with two representatives from the University of Ghana at Legon: Edward Kombat, the president of the Students Representative Council (SRC), and Benedictus Ntow, the head of the Edu Aid club. Both of these impressive young gentlemen have inspired massive numbers of Legon students to support each other and the community! In order to help students who can’t pay their school fees, Edward Kombat and the SRC have created a fund that uses small donations from other students to create scholarships. In another powerful example of students helping students, Benedictus Ntow and the Ed Aid club at Legon are inspiring students to spend time and money on volunteering in local primary schools! KSM was very impressed by the money and support that Edward and Benedictus have been able to gather! These gentlemen are great examples of youth taking initiative, he said. They have stopped blaming the government and are stepping out on their own to make change! What do you think of Edward and Benedictus’s efforts? Do students have the power to speak up and change things in Ghana? What role does education play in the development of the country as a whole? Post your thoughts here or on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TGIFSHOWNOW)! 


KSM’s second guest of the night has appeared on TGIF multiple times before and even refers to KSM as his “father.” That’s right….Funny Face made an appearance on Friday!!! Funny Face was full of admiration for the “swag” of  TGIF’s new studio, and he didn’t look too bad himself! KSM talked and joked with his “son” using the special humor that they share. He asked Funny Face about the Range Rover which he just received from Togolese footballer Emmanuel Adebayor, showed an exclusive clip from the comedian’s new music video, “Double Double,” and tried to persuade him to reveal who the special lady in his life is. Funny Face didn’t reveal any more than he wanted to! At the end of the interview, he turned to the camera and told the Ghanaian people that wherever you end up in life, it is important to be humble. Do you agree? Should people be humble all the time, or are there some times when you have to stand up for yourself and be confident? Let us know what you think!


Our final guest of the night was the epitome of confidence! She believes in the power of presenting yourself well and doing a good job. In fact, Ellen Hagan has managed to GET good jobs for many Ghanaians over the course of her career. She specializes in human resources and is the CEO and founder of L’aine Services, a one-of-a-kind business which performs a variety of career-enhancing services for Ghanaians. Ellen recently won the CIMG Marketing Woman of the Year Award, and she has been praised in many other places for her pioneering work. One of the most impressive things about L’aine’s CEO is the way she balances personal and professional life. Ellen has a devoted husband and four children, but she still manages to run one of Ghana’s most successful companies! In her eyes, women should not be told that they can’t have it all. “We need to do something,” she said, “so that women can have the opportunity to decide when they want to go to school, when they want to have children, when they want to make love to their husbands…” Do you think that women can have it all? What would it take in Ghana to create a society where women are treated as men are in the workplace? 





3 thoughts on “Episode 5: May 3, 2013

  1. i’m jux looking forward to that day when i’l sit in dat seat with da man himself! i sooo look forward to that day.

  2. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of education. I believe the foundation of most of Africa’s problems is our mindset. Our choice of foreign goods over locally produced ones which are sometimes of higher quality. Our sense of inferiority towards the western world and several other unfounded notions which we cling to. The solution to this problem and many others is education. It is only through education that we can make a positive change on Africa through leadership…and I mean leadership on a citizenship level

  3. I totally agree with him when he says. We should be humble at all times. Humility is s virtue that everyone needs to cultivate, it does not just make you a modest person but a person of worth. The Good book says it that we should be humble because God resists the proud. No matter what industry you are in and no matter the amount of power you have, being humble would open more doors for you and make you stand out as a person of substance.

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