EPISODE 6- May 10th , 2013

My name is Chief Moomen and I am the co-producer of TGIF now responsible for updating the blog of the show.  I am taking over from our amazing intern, Caroline, whose duty it has been over the past weeks to keep you updated. She has completed her internship with us as well as her study abroad programme at the Accra campus of New York University and is now returning to the United States.

Hey Caroline, the entire Sapphire Ghana team is very pleased to have had you with us.  We applaud your hard work and commitment and we are delighted that you blended perfectly in the creative, sometimes chaotic and mostly exciting bubble of the Sapphire family. We hope you found your stay with us fulfilling and we wish you the very best in your subsequent endeavors.


Ok! So before I start blogging proper about TGIF, let me get some few things out of the way. First of all, I am not really a blogging kind of person. I mean, I find the process of maintaining a blog quite laborious.  The thing is, I am yet to immerse myself in all this social media hype. I am not very active on facebook and I am unremarkably dormant on twitter (I have like 5 tweets after about two years of joining twitter)

Secondly, let it be known that I am a poet! As such, I can hardly suppress my poetic impulse even when expressing myself in prose. You see, I have a flare for the dramatic and language for me is bland and lame and uninspiring without a spice of bombast and different flavors of expressions. So much as I find maintaining a blog laborious; I do fervently hope you don’t find reading my blog equally laborious. (if you do, no stress! our new intern is coming soon:)

Ok, now to the updates!

Last Fridays’ edition of TGIF was great and exciting with many interesting guests and next week’s show promises to be even greater and more exciting with many more exciting guests. So don’t miss it!


“Like seriously? You spent the whole time writing about yourself in the blog and could only manage two lines about TGIF….”

So it seems my colleague in the office didn’t find my report of the show comprehensive enough, so I have come back to redeem myself.

Friday 10th May’s edition of the show featured a strong line-up of guests from the academia, the business world, the public service and the entertainment industry. The show opened with quintessential KSM at his satirical best.  He lampooned the on-going supreme court hearings by re-counting his experiences with some of the personalities involved in the case.  He claimed that he was at Bawumia’s house when he (Bawumia) returned home after a grueling day in court. When his wife called him, he turned and responded “Yes my lord”. KSM also recounted how, in a queue to buy waakye, he overhead a man “suggesting to” the seller that the quantity of rice he received did not match the amount of money he paid. The woman claimed it couldn’t be so because she had fetched the rice with a pink ladle.

The first guest on the show was the celebrated Ghanaian author, playwright and scholar, Professor Ama Atta Aidoo. Prof Aidoo, who is also the Executive Director of the Mbaasem Foundation, talked about an impending workshop for writers and aspiring writers alike. The workshop is being organized by her Mbaasem NGO on the 16th to the 19th of April in Accra at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. KSM inquired from Prof Aidoo on how to write. According to her, it was imperative for one to develop the discipline to write which involved actually making time to write and insulating one’s self from unnecessary distractions when doing so.  KSM informed viewers that Prof Aidoo’s main focus for the interview was to discuss the workshop. She promised to come back for a more in-depth personality interview.

Are you are writer or have you been attempting to write? Can you share with us some of your experiences in the process of writing?

The second guest on the show was the erstwhile director of the National Service Secretariat, Mr. Vincent Senanu Kuagbenu whose procession on leave generated a lot of public interest in Ghana. When KSM referred to him as the former Executive Director of the NSS, he was quick to point out that he was still the substantive director of the NSS and that he was only on leave. This was quite interesting because, I have generally observed that in Ghana, being asked to proceed on leave is a nice way of relieving you of your post.  KSM and Mr. Kuagbenu went on to discuss the agricultural project Mr. Kuagbenu had instituted for the scheme. According to him, when he first mooted the idea to send graduates to farms, he was widely vilified for that initiative. But he was now happy that the project was yielding dividends for the country. KSM asked why people considered him to be controversial and he responded that, perhaps, it was because he insisted on principles. He tried to clean the secretariat when he got there by making it difficult for people to abuse the system.  According to Mr. Kuagbenu, the NSS is a “terrible place to work.” And that during the period of service postings, his phones are always off because of the pressure to post people to their places of their choosing. Do you think that Mr. Kuagbenu suffered the penalty as a result of his insistence of principles?

Karlos is the Business Development Manager of Coral Paint who featured on TGIF last Friday. On the show, he talked about a new type of paint coral is introducing into the market which has some kind of insecticide quality. He said that once you paint your wall with this particular kind of paint, any insect which landed on it will meet its death. He was very excited about the product and was positive that Ghanaians will embrace it. KSM wanted to get up-close and personal with Karlos so he inquired about his experience in Ghana. It was quite interesting to see how the Brazilian had so acclimatized to Ghanaian culture. He came for the interview wearing a Batakari and said that whenever people saw him in it, they said “eye fe paa.” According to Carlos, there are a lot of similarities between Ghana and Brazil so he feels totally at home in Ghana. He noted that Brazil had its own kind of ‘gari’ made from cassava and that his favourite Ghanaian meal was ‘waakye.’  He also pointed out that he enjoys Ghanaian music a lot and had even made the conscious effort to learn some Ghanaian songs. KSM invited Carlos to do a performance for viewers and he readily agreed.  Playing a guitar, he sang a rendition of one of Kwabena Kwabena’s songs and a medley of gospel songs which got everybody clapping heartily.

The last guest on the show was the creative and dynamic Ghanaian musician, Okyeame Kwame. The artist who made it on ETV’s list of 100 most influential people in Ghana was bubbly and brimming with excitement throughout the show. He received five nominations at this year’s Ghana Music Awards and he was quite confident that he was going bag at least three of the awards.  He talked about the numerous projects he was engaged in apart from music.  Okyeame noted that the creative process in music could be applied to other fields of life so he saw no reason why he had to limit himself to music alone. So he had branched into advertising, branding, activations and event management. He mentioned that he and his wife managed two companies; he was the boss of one, and she the boss of the other. KSM was quite impressed with the dynamism of Okyeame Kwame and commended him for his foresight as well as for his “Versatile” show last year which was adjudged; the best music concert of the year. KSM asked Okyeame about a newspaper article which claimed his wife said he was not romantic. Okyeame explained that the newspaper had come to interview his wife and she said so many great things about him. But when she was asked about some of his negatives, she mentioned in passing he was not romantic because he could not cook. Okyeame however joked that if a man works and takes care of his family, then he is romantic. What do you think? What makes a man romantic?


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